Langford’s will to succeed

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Pre-season camp is all about challenging the players and pushing them to find a new level of intensity.

Elite Performance Manager Andrew Russell named Will Langford as one of the many players who have risen to that challenge.

According to Langford, the boys have been driven by their inability to achieve the ultimate team success in 2016.

“Obviously we didn’t get the result last season that we’ve become used to and expect, so there’s certainly a renewed enthusiasm amongst the group.”

After an injury-riddled pre-season last year, Langford is hoping to get through this year unscathed.

“I just want to have a really solid pre-season. It was a bit interrupted last year so my focus is just on getting through and doing 100 percent of that.

“There’s a few separate training blocks that we put in throughout the pre-season, so I’m just trying to get through each of them one by one, and that’s about the extent of my goals at the moment.

“I’ve only been thinking about the first block leading up to Christmas so far, and just working really hard on that.”

While many players have highlighted the benefits pre-season camp has on building relationships with new teammates, Langford also believes there is plenty of footy insight to be gained.

“We have a few fresh faces thrown in which has been really good. Guys coming from other clubs have different perspectives on the game and maybe they do things differently, so there’s always things to learn from them.

“Aside from building friendships and relationships, there is actually plenty to learn on the footy side of things so it’s exciting having fresh ways to think about the game.”

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